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Whether your family’s migration story began five generations or just last month, the Moving Stories App will guide you. We have crafted engaging questions to guide the conversation. You can record, tag and optionally share stories using your smartphone.

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Tell your own story, or locate a member of your family, a friend or a classmate, or someone in the community to interview.


Select questions and create your audio or video interview. Tap the screen to tag interesting moments.


Keep your interview private or share on this website. You can even post to Facebook.

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“I love the Moving Stories App. I’ve used it to interview several of my friends and learned amazing things that literally had never come out in years of conversation. It really brought us closer together, and expanded the way I think about what it means to be a first-generation immigrant. I can’t wait to interview my grandmother and learn our moving story.”

“As someone who has been collecting the stories of immigrants for the past 30 years, I am simply amazed by the Moving Stories App. I can now seamlessly collect, tag and share my own interviews using only my iPhone. I am so excited about the opportunities this app provides me and my students!”

Aubrey Rae
Mary C. Waters

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