In the Community and In the Classroom

In the Community and In the Classroom

The Moving Stories app was developed to facilitate conversations about our migration stories. These exchanges can happen between two people anywhere— at a park, in a café, or in your living room.  You can also enable discussions in classrooms or other learning spaces.


To make this easier, we have developed a Learning Guide with some ideas for educators to guide conversations.

Click here to visit the Learning Guide webpage.

Click here to download the Learning Guide [PDF].

Create A Secure Place to Share Storie

Interviews can be collected in a secure space that the convener/educator/project leader can access with a password. Use the form below, and we will send you a classroom code, a username and password, and instructions on how to proceed. (Typically you will be provided this information within 48 hours.) When students are ready to create an interview, they simply use the classroom code. 

Pre-SchoolElementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolCommunity/Junior CollegeUniversityOther

General Education (K-6)Language Arts/EnglishSocial SciencesScienceMathOther

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