Sharing our Moving Stories

Celebrating the immigration stories that have shaped our nation

Identify someone to interview, or interview yourself

  • Decide who will tell the story [this will be the Interviewee]
  • You will be using the Interviewee’s phone to tell the Moving Story!

Prepare to hear the Moving Story

  • Find a quiet, well lit room for the interview
  • Make sure the interviewee’s phone is fully charged and silenced
  • Fill out the Interviewee Profile on the Interviewee’s phone
  • Take a picture of the interviewee (or anything they like to represent themselves)
  • Review the Release Forms
  • Select “Manage questions” to choose a questionnaire based on generation
  • A list of questions will be generated; together you will have the option to deselect questions
  • Choose either video or audio recording

Record the Moving Story

  • Now start recording the Moving Story on the Interviewee’s phone [Click “record” on bottom of screen]
  • The interviewer holds the phone and the questions will pop up; touch arrows to scroll to next question.
  • Begin recording, pausing at any time
  • Listen thoughtfully to the interviewee’s story
  • Tap screen during interview to tag notable moments


  • Once the interview is over, hand the phone back to the interviewee
  • The interviewee, then selects whether to make the Moving Story public by uploading it to the Moving Stories Website; sharing it with the Moving Stories team only; or keeping it private*
  • Note uploading can take several minutes (so please be patient!)

What it means to Share Your Moving Story

  • Uploading your Moving Story to our public website will make it visible on our Moving Stories Website; you can provide your full name, your first name or a pseudonym
  • Uploading to our private Moving Stories website means your story will be stored on a private server that only can be accessed by a small ethically trained team who seek understand about experiences of migration; your confidentiality will be protected (also for class projects)
  • If you keep your story private, only you can see or hear your story on your phone