Our Story

Our Story

WE ARE a nation of moving stories. Dynamic, challenging and engaging.

WE are Spanish settlers reaching our coastlines. Pilgrims arriving in Plymouth. Africans forced to migrate through slavery.

WE HAVE shaped our nation. From the Irish, Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, Eastern European Jews and so many others searching for new opportunities. We are Vietnamese, Armenians, and Central Americans seeking safety after wars and violence.

And WE ARE TODAY’S NEW immigrants arriving from every nation.

WE ARE MOVERS. From the Westward Expansion, the Trail of Tears, and the Great Migration of African Americans to the North. We have moved for adventure or a better way of life. We were moved and we had to start anew.

So many of us have a MOVING STORY. With the Moving Stories APP, it has never been easier to LISTEN, to TALK, or to SHARE those stories.

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